Why does your ring finger move with your pinky

why does your ring finger move with your pinky
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❀ STRETCH Your RING FINGER With YOUR THUMB, And Maintain For a Few Seconds. REASON YOU’LL LOVE!!

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DESCRIPTION: This explains why contracting your little finger muscles causes some but not complete contraction of your ring finger. I used to do a lot of finger independence exercise from my piano days. You should also consider looking for your question in the FAQ..

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How can i bend my pinky without bending my ring finger? | muzica-gratis.info

So there are my demonstrations, I hope you enjoyed them, and found them as insightful as I do! Do any of your fingers only move together? Oct 18, Urbana, IL. I've always know this, but it just today occurred to me that it might not be normal. It is not a repository for any question you may have.


why does your ring finger move with your pinky
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I have the exact same thing with my hands, finger 3 and 4 are somehow linked by their ligaments or something. Playing the piano is essentially the same as typing on a computer keyboard, which all of us apparently can do fine, even with our pinky fingers..

  • Please share any such exercised that you know and find fun! I am also called Highest, and True-Guesser..
  • How can i bend my pinky without bending my ring finger?
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  • Anybody else have this odd little problem?

The bones of each finger gets split into 3 parts - proximal near , middle, and distal far phalanges..

  • This is a huge struggle for them. Most of us never have the need to move that finger independently from the others. The muscle that controls your fingers are actually located in the palm of your hand all the way up to your forearm. The middle, ring, and little finger are all connected to the same muscle in your  Who here is cursed with being unable to move their pinky.
  • I really want to try some of those excercises on muzica-gratis.info, but you can't really do most of those exercises, because they all require that your i cant even move my pinky all the way curled in if im hlding my ringfinger straight, i think theyre just connected in a special way so its impossible. Aug
  • I am a piano teacher, and often recommend this exercise to my students to make their fingers strong, and.

I can move and bend them individually but if I try to take any one of above 2 finger up to palm I fail. Your name or email address: You may not vote on this poll. Are you right handed? General Psychology Josie February 16, commitment, conflict, intimate relationships, marriage. You can flex the fingers independently of each other by controlling how you move that muscle. I have the same problem.

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