Jules jordan pornstar wikipedia

jules jordan pornstar wikipedia
My name is Diane, 26 years: Every day for me like new world - I am trying to spend it happy and be proud about myself. Ukrainian girls are very good for family, but I think that I am out of competition! I am not looking someone who will make some empty inside of me fool - I am going to share my inner energy with special personality!.

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DESCRIPTION: Reverse Gangbang Video producer. Retrieved October 23, InWane was cast in several feature films. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options..

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Taylor Wane.

jules jordan pornstar wikipedia
My name is Rose, 24.: I have a degree in International Economics, but I work as a fitness trainer, because I like to make people happy with their body and to make them more beautiful!

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Born to Be a Star. Haze is directing and performing in her production films..

  • Jules Jordan is the self- named site for Jules Jordan producer and pornstar. He has won major awards in porn for almost every year has has been in porn, and.
  • Jules Jordan, Director: Lex the Impaler 3. Jules Jordan was born on May 25, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Ashley Jason Gasper. He is a director.
  • Jun 17, - Porn Star. Feature Dancer: No. Ethnicity: Latin. Country of Origin: United States. Province / State: CA - California. Place of Birth: Los Angeles.

Molte delle sue apparizioni cinematografiche raffigurano atti di sesso "estremo". URL consultato il jules jordan pornstar wikipedia novembre archiviato dall' url originale l'8 ottobre Paige, Guage, Gage [1]. Paloma inizialmente lavorava per la Starbucks grande catena internazionale di caffetterie prima di entrare nel porno. The films in which Digital Playground cast Jane, such as No LimitsBeat the Deviland Loadedproved popular enough to warrant her own line of sex toysas well as secure nominations for several awards. She was a guest star on the HBO dramedy series Entouragein the ninth episode of jules jordan pornstar wikipedia second season, "I Love You Too", which features the foursome making a trip to Comiconwhere they get some help from the "Pussy Patrol," of which Jane is the leader.

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