How to change your dob on facebook

how to change your dob on facebook
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how to change date of birth on facebook

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DESCRIPTION: Cookies make wikiHow better. I have turned off everything that I can find in my Facebook privacy file and do facebooj know how to keep my photo and age from appearing on other websites. You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience..

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Remove your DOB from Facebook now - BT

Elizabeth on March 20, at Remove your age or decide who can see it Next, you need to decide whether you want to remove your date of birth outright or only allow certain people to access it. I did the 2 things you recommended but my birth year still shows in the small vertical timeline on the right side of my home page and when i click the born area it gives the day and year of my birth. Denny on June 13, at How can I change my Facebook birthday year? Tips It's best to use your real date of birth on Facebook. Ellen on September 30, at

How to Hide Your Age and Birth Year on Facebook.

how to change your dob on facebook
My name is Alison, 27.: I like to surprise and I like to make people happy! So I am here to make one special person to be happy, him and me. I have a positive mind! I always believe in the best! And I believe that you are my best! You should know that I am always kind and romantic!I like to give my warm smile to other people and I like to see happiness in the eyes of those ones who surround me. I dream to have a happy family. I know this site will help me fulfill my dreams to meet the right one for me. I am a pretty young woman, who is looking for her love. I like to look after myself, I love an active lifestyle, doing sports, listening to music, travelling is in my blood, love to be at the company!

If you aren't comfortable having your birthday displayed on Facebook, you can always hide your birthday instead. Is this article up to date?.

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  • Protect yourself from fraudsters: Hide your date of birth on Facebook
  • Cant Change my birthday
  • How to Hide Your Age and Birth Year on Facebook | My Business Presence | Karen Clark

It's at the bottom of the "Edit Profile" page..

  • I changed my birthday once to the wrong one and now i cant change it back its been a couple of month now but i dont know how to change it and its my birth.
  • How To Change Your Birthday On Facebook You can change your birthday on facebook if you entered it.
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How do I hide my date of birth in my Facebook profile? Thanks for your help. Social Media for Direct Sales Speaker and Author "Social media is about connecting people, not collecting people. This year, Facebook has seemingly overridden ho and sure enough, the info is public again. Frustrated, thanks for listening. In the left column, click Contact and Basic Info.

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