How to give head with a tongue ring

how to give head with a tongue ring
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DESCRIPTION: Use it to apply gentle pressure to the underside of the shaft, and maybe tease the head with it. Dec 18, Messages: MegzBAug 27, .

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How to give good head with a tongue ring? - GirlsAskGuys

I never smelled bad breath on him and in the 14 months we were together he never got an infection. Fap material is not allowed. Sweetie your young and yes we are older. May 16, Messages: They never got any infections, cracked a tooth, or needed dental work done. The younger posters with pierced tongues and god knows what else will be here soon to respond, Im sure. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing

Tongue Ring = Better Head?.

how to give head with a tongue ring
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Mar 13, Messages: I'm not sure thats why im asking lol..

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Use it to apply gentle pressure to the underside of the shaft, and maybe tease the head with it. I actually find it a bit bland when making out with a girl with out one..

  • May 3, - Myth busted. Pretty much self explanatory!
  • Aug 30, - LOL I used to be good and know what I was doing until I got my tongue pierced and now head seems to be harder to give also any asked  Oral sex with a tongue piercing; tongue ring blowjob?
  • I have a new[ish] tongue piercing, a horizontal bar through the tip of my tongue [snakeeyes] and i was just wondering from those who've had  How do i give a bj with a tongue piercing?

So in the end, F tongue rings, lol. I love girls with tongue rings. So now from experience with previous girls and the same girl with and without it, I can say that to me it makes absolutely no difference. They work fine, but I'd definitely wait a good few months before swapping the barbell out. I've also used quite a few "ticklers" that pop on the ball," which has gone relatively well.

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