Chandler arizona drag strip

chandler arizona drag strip
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Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park - Chandler - Arizona - 1-12-2018 - Friday Night Drags

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DESCRIPTION: In they conducted monthly races. Reviewed February 28, Top speed was .

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Arizona Drag Strip History

They held a race in September, attracting racers from Arizona and California. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? He made the drag strip 80 feet wide and nearly a mile long. It was about five miles outside of Tucson. It is a bad deal as at the time of its closing it was active four days a week. NHRA officials were pleased with the weather at that race, but thought its remote distance from Phoenix was not conducive to holding future national meets.


chandler arizona drag strip
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The track was built on land leased from the state and financed by stockholders on the northeast corner of Valencia and Houghton. It was loud but a lot of fun!.

  • That is the first documented race, but there may have been earlier races..
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  • Drag Strip
  • NHRA Arizona Nationals | NHRA

On August 17, , Red Greth ran September Learn how and when to remove this template message..

  • The Official home of the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park formerly Firebird International Raceway. You can find track rentals, drags, off-road, NHRA, boat.
  • The world-class drag strip at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park offers professional ADRA (Arizona Drag Racing Association) – ADRA sanctions several events.
  • S Maricopa Rd | Chandler, AZ | Phone: () About · Contact · Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms of use · Facebook Twitter Instagram.‎Heritage Nostalgia Drags · ‎Friday Night Drags · ‎Lucas Oil Off Road Regional.

On March 18,the Winslow city council approved entering into an agreement with the Winslow Renegades Drag Club to allow the club to use the access road and taxi strip at the airport for a drag strip. They awarded trophies in thirty-four classes and chandler arizona drag strip every fourth Sunday. The "Dragsters of Yuma" car club conducted the racing, which was approved by the Bureau of Reclamation. Chandler arizona drag strip no documentation other than the reported announcement of the grand opening has been found. Is this attraction exciting, unusual, or risky to visit?

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