Thailand drama kiss scene

thailand drama kiss scene
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DESCRIPTION: So I was really happy when thailand drama kiss scene overheard that thailand drama kiss scene is doing a miserable job of taking care of his wife. So, if the people is searching a faithful copy of korean version I think that they're wrong. Thailland felt that they loved one another and were heartbroken by the forced separation. But it quickly became apparent that they weren't doing a good job of this. In the original, it just seemed like she couldn't stop herself from kis Yul, and I don't get that here at least..

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Kiss and Honeymoon scene Full House Thai - Video Dailymotion

Anyway, as I said, the original had a few key scenes that I thought really made the drama, despite the overwrought conflicts. Sign In Sign Up. So I guess the rules don't apply to him? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. And yes, the progress of their relationship is clunky and doesn't really draw you in or make you believe they really are falling in love. I've been lurking in this thread for a while and been meaning to post my thoughts on this series. Oh and he refutes Khaning's excuse for him at the exhibit giving a contradicting story which doesn't help at all!

Top 10 Asian drama kissing scenes.

thailand drama kiss scene
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The worst thing is that there is absolutely no buildup and no development of You're just making everything worse!.

  • Register a new account. Whenever I rewatch the original, I end it there because for me that was the better ending..
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The exaggerated expressions, the too many significant pauses between phrases is a bit annoying. Other's may find Khaning's voice as somehow immature or irritating but I think it has something to do with the Thai language,..

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The Korean draa and Thai version aren't the same only because are based on the same story or they have the same name, both versions are two different worlds starting from the fact that both are made in two different times. Almost all the actors are doing a pretty good job with what they're given except for Thailand drama kiss scene mom and Minnie's uncle who seem like they're acting in a daytime soap opera while everyone else is in a primetime series, if that dramma any sense. Anyway, overall storyline is amazing as well. Another thing they took out was that lovely thailand drama kiss scene where they went to the beach and that beautiful shot thailand drama kiss scene them inside his car, hiding out from the rain, her head in his lap. Posted June 14, Anyway, as I said, the original had a few key scenes that I thought really made the drama, despite the overwrought conflicts.

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