Why am i never satisfied in a relationship

why am i never satisfied in a relationship
My name is Eliza, 18 years: I am very kind, joyful and sociable girl.I am full of positivity and optimism.I would say that I am very romantic girl and I am never afraid to express my feelings.I hate lies and I always try to behave with people the way I want them to behave with me. I am open minded, I have a strong life position, I always set goals and do all possible steps to achieve them.My friends say that I am a little stubborn sometimes, but I don't consider it to be a bad quality.I love this life and appreciate every minute and opportunity it gives to me.I think that nothing should be postponed for later, we should live now and we should live our life to the fullest. Talking about my interests I must say that I cannot imagine my life without sport.It plays an important role in my life, cause sport means movement, and movement for me it is life. My another passion is photographing.It helps me to express my creativity, it makes me more observant, I notice some meaningful things that surround me each day and make my life happier..

10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

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DESCRIPTION: You attract what is inside of you, regardless of how a person looks. You should always be attracted to your man. To me she must be really stupid..

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7 Vital Choices for Happy Relationships

But if you take time everyday to train your mind to think positively about yourself, then you will not have this problem. I always think about life and death and how short life is. I used to think that about a relationship I was in, but my time never did end up coming and things never really did get back to how they were in the early days. She is simply talking to him, she can't actually help if she starts to wonder whether she would be happier with a different person than the person she is with. Life is too short to fill it up with martyrdom and unhappiness for a lost cause, and you need to remember that. Judgment of our lover's pasts or of our importance based on our comparative insecurities isn't fair to them.

16 Signs You’re Settling in an Unhappy Relationship.

why am i never satisfied in a relationship
My name is Eva, 19.: When I was a young girl, I had a lot of dreams, goals and plans. But every year passed, and I understood that everything is not so perfect as I imagined. I learned disappointment and betrayal, but now I want to stop this and start my life from the beginning. Now I am open for a new people in my life. I am positive in my life views and I try to make each person around me smile. I believe that person creates his life with his own hands. I am communicative and easy-going. I will never hurt my friends and my soul mate. I am loyal and understanding if we speak about relationship.

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  • Everything else can be forgiven, accepted, or put aside; however, values are the root of how we relate to all beings..
  • The Reason People are Unhappy in Relationships
  • Unable to feel fully happy in my perfect relationship
  • The Reason People are Unhappy in Relationships

I thought I was being unrealistic to expect certain things from my relationship so I stayed in it, but actually I should have expected more! But I am willing to try it again, but the way he makes me feel, I am not sure I want to marry him..

  • Dec 5, - While people believe being in a relationship can bring them happiness, the We are never completely satisfied with ourselves, our partner, our.
  • Jan 17, - This has happened in the past during previous relationships. So I'm worried I will never be truly happy and spend my life searching for "the one".
  • Are you really happy in your relationship or are you just putting up with it? Use these It should never weigh you down or make you feel miserable. And if you.

Find a way to sort your financial issues, and in future always make sure you have some money saved up for an emergency like this one. It's my lack of acceptance within myself that leads me to not accept his past and who he once why am i never satisfied in a relationship. Allow yourself to explain them to your partner, and allow him the chance to reassure you of his love for you. Cause she dhy shows how to stop worrying about someone care of any sort. Think about the person's feelings before you speak or criticize them.

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Meanwhile here's a tip to all the girls who want to know if a guy likes you. Here's the list: 1. He'll tell you. Simple as that