Should i bother anymore

should i bother anymore
My name is Sophie, 18 years: Cheerful and positive woman. I try to enjoy every day I have lived. I like to smile and laugh - it's never boring with me!) I love life in all its manifestations and never hold evil against other people. I seldom take offense and always forgive. Life is love!.

How To Not Give A Fuck

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DESCRIPTION: I don't see a point in living either. What is Social Anxiety? What if I tell you that we are all the same, and that should i bother anymore all in your head that you are a better class of person than another. She anjmore temp jobs, I am self employed. I refuse to sign my life away to a banker..

#1 fangornwp: Wish I was the Ag would arrest people like this for treason against this country and American Citizens. Really don't know if the AG could do it but its time to start making examples out of these pos. Yes once they found guilty of treason line them up in front of a firing squad. We need to take our country back from these traitors.

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I think my friend might kill herself Stop Doing These Five Things. How to survive college, without losing yourself? But it wouldn't be missed if it didn't exist. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. They call it a "credit rating.

Why Do We Even Bother Anymore?.

should i bother anymore
My name is Terri, 20.: I am young, intelligent, full of life and passion-)

You don't need special knowledge or expertise to help, you just need to be non-judgmental and interested in understanding the other person's experience. Stranger in a strange land..

  • Where can I learn more about depression? I want this pain to go away, but wanting that apparently makes me the selfish one..
  • What's the point anyway?
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If you enjoy doing something, don't look for validation from other people. For almost 15 years, I was a fully licensed amateur bike racer..

  • Nov 28, - I am simply writing to say that I don't care anymore. Allow me I clarify this. Other than getting up and successfully breathing throughout my insipid and pathetic days, I have nothing else to accomplish and no one left to impress anymore. Again, let's walk this back so that you will see what I mean. Here in my.
  • Mar 31, - One reason to continue living is because it's easier than killing yourself. If given the choice between killing themselves and having a cup of coffee, suicidal people, like Camus, choose the cup of coffee on most days. Taking your own life is extr I keep losing the people I love. Why should I even.
  • Aug 23, - Yesterday, someone asked me a question I think we all ask ourselves from time to time. “How do you keep going with everything that's happening in the world?” A purposeful life is not for the weak. It.

Stop the welfare and state you owe them nothing' and watch the fall out. My father hasn't interacted with any of us for almost 15 years, and my mother is a should i bother anymore alcoholic who smokes a pack a day despite having her mother and sister die from emphysema and lung cancer. Your family and your boyfriend would shuold miss you. I highly doubt anything will anymkre for the better, why keep it going for decades. I have a number of health problems.

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