Reasons for lying in a relationship

reasons for lying in a relationship
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Understanding Why Your Breakup Happened (Top 4 Reasons Relationships Fail)

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DESCRIPTION: Friend me on Faceook. In this case lies are used as weapons to hurt someone. They want it to be true. People may vouch for a friend saying they were with them all night when really their friend was off pursuing some side action. People often lie to cover up insecurities they have..

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Reasons We Lie, and How it Can Ruin Relationships | HuffPost

Being told the truth, no matter what it may be, confers the feeling of respect upon the recipient. Bottom line, people lie because they can. Their unwillingness to make a sacrifice for the greater, long term good of a relationship is another indicator that they do not place a high value on it. In this case lies are used as weapons to hurt someone. If we are capable of telling lies, why do we hate it when we are lied to?

Why Do People Lie in Relationships? 10 Reasons Why We Fib.

reasons for lying in a relationship
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White lies are not even close to the same thing as lies of betrayal. If the person fears that the truth would change how they feel about the person, they are often willing to lie to prevent that from happening..

  • The hurt may open up a divide between you, or it may simply cause old cracks to resurface and widen. Learn 3 ways to get out of the demand and withdraw battle..
  • The Devastating Power of Lies in a Relationship
  • 1. Lies Erode Trust
  • Why Do People Lie in Relationships? 10 Common Reasons Why We Fib

To discover more relationship tips, visit www. They will tell people whatever they need too in order to secure their vote, even if they have no intention of doing what they say..

  • Mar 3, - We all know people who seem to lie no matter what the case. As you can imagine, lies can be disastrous for relationships. We need to.
  • Is there ever a good reason to? We're looking at the truth behind deception in relationships. Common relationship lies. White lies are not even close to the same.
  • Jan 24, - The lie does matter to them. The number one reason people lie when it just doesn't matter is because they actually do think it matters.

We rationalize our lie or secret to avoid the relationsip conflict and the danger we imagine awaits us if we come clean. Now imagine someone lies to you. Replies to my comment. Dear Dr Whiting, thank you for your suggestion. Leave this field blank. Not only are they disrespecting your friendship, but they are shaming people who really do deal with reasons for lying in a relationship problems by crying wolf about them.

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