100 questions to ask in a relationship

100 questions to ask in a relationship
My name is Juliet, 24 years: I am a striking woman both in my appearance and in my mind. I am well read both in literature and current news around the world, in order to be good at my job I am always reading about market trends and fluctuations as well as forecasts for the coming quarters. I would describe myself as a social, giving, kind but determined person. I am also patient and a very good listener. I tend to dress for comfort in a smart casual attire but when an opportunity strikes I do enjoy dressing up and not only looking elegant but also feeling like a decadent stylish and well polished woman. My laugh is contagious and my warm personality tends to put people at ease with me. The things that I value the most in people are honesty, integrity and kindness. I treat all people with the respect that they deserve..

20 Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

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DESCRIPTION: If a family member needed a kidney and you were the only match, would you give one up? If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change? What was your first CD and when did you get it? Who was your first celebrity crush? What do you fo for most in a spouse?.

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Top Questions to Ask Your Potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend | raymondarthur's Blog

When did you first realize you wanted to be with me? Do you forgive and forget or forgive and remember? Describe your own personal hell. What is your ideal vacation? What are the three most annoying things a boyfriend can do? Or, if you have kids, do you become so consumed with them they are all you talk about? What would be your perfect date night?

36 Deep Questions to Ask Your Significant Other So You Can Truly Know Them.

100 questions to ask in a relationship
My name is Charlotte, 18.: I'm a beautiful, refined, well-mannered young woman. My main character trait is sincerity. And I really appreciate it in others! I am a sociable person. I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to make new acquaintances. I'm a very flexible person and can easily adapt to a foreign country, so I do not rule out the possibility of migrating to another country, if I find the man of my dreams outside my place.

Of course two cannot work together except they agree, therefore in a relationship both parties need to have the same understanding especially about the relationship for it to be able to work. Looking for a long term relationship?.

  • Better get some hiking boots..
  • 100 Fun Questions To Ask Your Significant Other
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  • Fun Questions To Ask Your Significant Other — society letters

Would you consider yourself an externally motivated or internally motivated person?.

  • It's easy to get stuck in a rut in a long-term relationship, and even date nights can get stale. Never run out of things to talk about on date night again.
  • Jun 19, - One of the qualities that people look for in relationship compatibility is how well they can Check out + Deep Questions to Ask a Girl!
  • These two questions to ask your girlfriend are great for seeing how both of your roles in the relationship might change in the future, or at least how she is.

Would you consider yourself proud to live in this country? Good intel for sure. What's something you always wanted q do as a child but never got to do it? What is your opinion about same gender relationships? Would you rather I be good in the kitchen or good in the bedroom? Which is dating a player relationships are hard one thing in your past you would like 100 questions to ask in a relationship change? If you ever got into a disagreement with any one of my family members or best friends, how would you deal with it?

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