Why don t indian people use deodorant

why don t indian people use deodorant
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Why Japanese don't smell! 体臭の違い(日本と欧米)

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DESCRIPTION: I guess I was giving the Indian why don t indian people use deodorant too much credit and thought it had to do with cooking habits. Probably the food he was eating also everytime he had a smoke the smell carried for a long time like it was stuck to his skin We called him Smellvis. I have met Indians who smelled great, and I have met Indians who smells like they are still on the hot, crowded streets of Delhi..

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Sweaty Indians are finally waking up and smelling the deodorants — Quartz

Please try again later. While advertised to eliminate odor, deodorant was used to cover up the smell of bacteria. I'd say absolutely not. Stay Healthy Cultural Deodorant Differences. If that doesn't work for you, then today will be your last day of work.

The Great Unwashed.

why don t indian people use deodorant
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I literally smelled him from 30 feet away..

  • How can you even jokingly perpetuate such a stereotype?.
  • Deodorant sales are skyrocketing in India
  • Find the good stuff
  • The Great Unwashed - The New York Times

But there is a guy I see weekly and he does have a faint but obvious smell..

  • Sep 1, - This is also one reason Indians use handkerchief more often. . There are white people who don't use deodorant as well, some people just honestly don't need  Do Indian women wear deodorant?
  • IME in India, most people (even the poorer ones) bathe at least daily. your skin will smell like them even if you don't use deodorant. permalink  If you are of Indian descent, is wearing deodorant against your.
  • May 12, - Deodorant sales are skyrocketing in India Let me spray some. In , deodorant sales stood at Rs1, crore; by it had almost.

Let me spray some. Have a problem employee or a people management question? What's that spice that reaks like BO? His belief system is that soaps, deodorants are chemicals are harmful. John Wesley Wilder Jr. There is definitely a heavy garlic smell dln over the town from all the garlic. What can cause that smell might be onions and garlic in the diet.

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