Why sperm smells like fish

why sperm smells like fish
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Why Do We Keep Planting Trees That Smell Like Semen?

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Semen - fishy odor ??? (Poll) - Men's Health - MedHelp

I will have to save that for another time. Semen, like all genital secretions, can get to be quite pungent after awhile, but I've never noticed a fishy smell in my semen. I have the same fishy smell of the semen. I did notice if we haven't had sex for awhile I couldn't smell it. Here are 12 simple — and fun! Eating a lot of sweet fruit changes the odor and taste of it.

Semen - fishy odor ??? (Poll).

why sperm smells like fish
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So what exactly does semen smell like?.

  • I seem to be having that same smell issue and it started a year or 2 ago. Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part..
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The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Some are thought to make your semen smell and taste sweeter, including:..

  • May 24, - The answer to this question depends on the way your semen actually smells like. Men and their partners are often too concerned about the.
  • Sep 14, - A regular question I see by men on different forums is why does my semen smell so fishy even women ask these questions regular without any.
  • Apr 19, - my faithful boyfriend's precum and semen suddenly started smelling strongly of muzica-gratis.info strong. I don't smell, but carry his odor for days after.

A bath with four cups of vinegar would do the trick with that. It smells fishy after hours from the ejaculation but not when ejaculating. However, just like everything else in life — all the good stuff come with a price: And now a cum like substance is coming out, but it reeks. Mask the why sperm smells like fish of your ejaculate If you are not happy with the normal chlorine and bleach-like smell of your semen, you could try to mask the smell by using scented condoms.

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