Looking for dating but nothing serious

looking for dating but nothing serious
My name is Cristal, 25 years: I am intellectual development woman with creative personality and great imagination. I love to develop my personality and self-perfection. I love nature and beauty of the world around me..

BM Ages 25-36 Wants To Date But Nothing "Serious"

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DESCRIPTION: A lot of those girls on those dating sites are a mess. To me, "dating" literally means "we are nthing on dates" and "nothing serious" literally means "I'm not looking for a committed, long term relationship". It means don't bother. You are commenting using your Twitter account..

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I think it means just meeting for 'dates' but dont expect a relationship to develop Ohhh yeah, I know. They're after dating, just to see what happens, women tend to take it less seriously than men, I find a lot of men are very rigid and organised with dating which is their downfall. Not enough to insult, but enough that I would normally have stopped chatting. Means wham bham and thankyou!! I mean if they tick the right boxes and are good looking and are wow on the coffee date then frig sure we can work out the rest later.

The Prick, and Plenty of Fishing.

looking for dating but nothing serious
My name is Amy, 28.: I'm blond with blue-gray eyes.

Had a good evening?.

  • It means I'm not hunting around for dates for the sake of it but if someone interesting turns up I'll be happy to meet and see how we get on and if I like them spend more time with them doing stuff we enjoy. It broadens their market to the girls who are looking for a relationship, who they can then hook up with and if they break it off afterwards claim "well I did say I wasn't after anything serious" -If on a girls profile, it could be just a measured approach to let guys know not to get overly attached, so that the girl can be analytical of her prospects with her suitor..
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Those of you following 30dates on Twitter will have seen the calibre of some of the messages I get. Why do people get so twisted up about what people say they're looking for?.

  • people think the meaning of wants to date but nothing serious is. if so twisted up about what people say they're looking for? it's a dating  What does "Wants to date but nothing serious" mean.
  • May 27, - ALL women that has the term "wants to date but nothing serious" in their dating profiles, it means that they'll date multiple guys. Even though.
  • All the world. Looking for singles. Plenty of acquaintance rape is more popular dating agency london. Relationship. Do i was not looking anything serious can.

To datnig, "dating" literally means "we are going on dates" and "nothing serious" literally means "I'm not looking for a committed, long term relationship". Submit a new link. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment looking for dating but nothing serious First of all totally ignore what they put there, ubt of the time they just put it because they don't want to sound too full on. In six or so months online dating, before everything with Henley BoyI had only met up with one guy for a date.

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