Things to do in a lucid dream

things to do in a lucid dream
My name is Лоррейн, 21 years: I'm an emotional and cheerful girl, I can feel open in any situation).

Dumb Things We Do In Lucid Dreams

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DESCRIPTION: Go to Antarctica to see the northern lights Have a phone conversation with a freind. What we mean by this is point at a building and imagine it bursting into flames..

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Go Passive If you find it hard to control your dream, take a back seat. Make yourself age backwards. Look at mirror and have a conversation with yourself. Learn to not ask people to number lines sequentially on reddit. Become tiny and ride a butterfly.

101 Ideas for Lucid Dreams.

things to do in a lucid dream
My name is Suzanne, 20.: I can feel real beauty in everyday life and I have a sophisticated taste in everything. I'm interested in many things around me like Art, reading different types of books, listening to pleasant music, going out to cinemas, theatres, restaurants and museums, taking long walks along the sea-shore or in the park, making my home comfortable and cozy, spending evenings at home and leading intellectual talks. Sport plays an important part in my life. I always keep myself in a perfect shape. I like jogging in the morning and in the evening, swimming and training in the fitness club. Cooking delicious dishes is my passion. So if you choose me to share your life with you will be passionately loved and at least you won't die from hunger)

Hand out endless amounts of smiles, presents, and laughter like Johnny Appleseed..

  • Go on a psychedelic bus trip with The Beatles .
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Usually this involves the person working hard for a long period of time on a problem, and then one night the solution or the key to a solution is presented during a dream. I know that sounds weird but it was the best feeling I've ever experienced..

  • Don't forget to check out the links below!! Speaking to Your Subconscious: Using Lucid.
  • Today I'll be sharing 5 fun things to do in a lucid dream. So you may have already managed to get lucid, but.
  • 99 ideas of what you can do in a lucid dream. Always have a plan of what your next lucid dream will be like, whether it's flying to moon or meeting a celebrity!

You can also become any superhero you want! Practice being confident and oucid with clarity. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Go back in time and meet yourself as a child Wise Up Accept wisdom and inspiration from all sources. Get the world to sing

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