Marriage not dating ep 10 eng sub youtube

marriage not dating ep 10 eng sub youtube
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[ENG] 시크릿 한선화 Sunhwa cut Marriage Not Dating EP 11

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DESCRIPTION: Jang-mi leaves and Ki-tae follows her. I mean on ep 7 and 8 i lost a little interest bc everyone seemed flat and was just there to separate our leads but these last two eps just proved that i was wrong! Han Groo Magriage Cast. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast. Or she's pregnant with someone else's child and that's why she had to rape HD and set him up..

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Marriage Not Dating Ep 10 Eng Sub Dramacool

It was so good - it gave me all the things I wanted - forward moment of feelings on Jang Mi's front, honest conversation between the leads and more humanization of the characters! I was also befuddled and somewhat dismayed by last episode, especially with the whole Se-Ah's "Get Ki-tae into bed no matter how" scheme and Yoo-reum being so needy he gets even needier in this episode, darn. Jang-mi says that this was the last time, and holds out her hand for him to shake. Plus she did a great job explaining the problems she saw in the show's recent episodes. That's the Jang Mi I know and love. And frustration for YR's constant presence as 'rescuer' - from first kiss to soup incident where he was the one hugging even as Ki Tae was frantically worrying.


marriage not dating ep 10 eng sub youtube
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I do have hope for this couple because I think that they have the potential to complement each other well, but I would really like to see Ki-tae develop more cajones and be braver and more outspoken with his feelings..

  • Not that this necessarily means anything I started crying out of laughter...
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But can we all just take a moment to appreciate how fabulous HG's hair was throughout this episode?.

  • 연애 말고 결혼 E10 - 시크릿 한선화 2am 진운 한그루 연우진 윤소희 허정민 Secret Han Sunhwa Jinwoon Han Groo Yeon.
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Mom asks Ki-tae what his intention was to subb Jang-mi ask for the ring, for the karriage time showing some emotion as her voice starts to shake. Also Ki-tae's expressions are just too hilarious and he and Jang-mi are ridiculously cute. He kissed her once and then pretended it was not a marriage not dating ep 10 eng sub youtube thing, and then he pulled her in for a best love matches for pisces woman after they pulled their "final con" together. I would actually feel bad for the second lead but this guy is such a horrible actor thay there is no feeling of sad or even a threat whenever he appears cause I jus can't feel anything for his character. I loved this episode.

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