Dating a gibson les paul by serial number

dating a gibson les paul by serial number
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Gibson Les Paul Slash Anaconda burst serial numbers

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DESCRIPTION: Note that the series of between andmay be an overlap from production in and Gibson has historically used two different alpha-numerical formats to catalog its instruments: From this period, the 5-digit and 6-digit numbers can be confused easily and gives the wrong date. Even after the closing of the factory in Pakl inthis process was continued until in Nashville..

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The Guitar Dater Project - Gibson Serial Number Decoder

Most regular production models since ca. If at any point you feel confused or just want a second set of eyes on your instrument, you can always chat live with a Reverb employee during normal business hours. When a six-digit serial number is concerned, there is no space, because the highest number in four digits has been exceeded and so fills the space. All numbers are approximates. A difference of only one year - sometimes even several months - can mean a four-figure difference in value. Higher grade models such as the Super , L-5, J, etc. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

Gibson Serial Numbers.

dating a gibson les paul by serial number
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The list below is not an exhaustive listing but we have included many of our most popular Signature models. Some time in , instruments were ink stamped on the headstock..

  • Code Letter F O Ns were discontinued after , and any instruments made during or right after World..
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Fender serials Gibson serials Martin serials. The first 5 numbers remain the same, the last 3 numbers will remain the same..

  • Sep 23, - Find the manufacture date by cross-referencing the serial number The serial number on this Les Paul Junior indicates it was made in
  • I am looking at a Les Paul Studio on E-Bay with aSerial Number of can anybody help find the history of this guitar[-o Gibson Les Paul Traditional Serial Number Help.
  • gibson ibanez serial numbers. are not supported. Enter Serial Number eg. Extended Search For all Gibson guitars made prior to and reisues.

Thence 5 digits and no space between the year 5 and the serial number. By Gibson had dropped the "The" from all of their logos while retaining the script "Gibson. A FON usually consisted of a 3- 4- or 5-digit ddating number followed by one or two other numbers in most cases. Identifying Gibson instruments by serial number is tricky at best and downright impossible in some cases. Below is a table of the the highest known number for each production year. So double check the serial numbers. This is sometimes referred to as the dating a gibson les paul by serial number script logo.

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