Can a dating scan be 4 weeks wrong

can a dating scan be 4 weeks wrong
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How accurate is a blood test in determining the gender of a baby?

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DESCRIPTION: Just don't stress yourself its not good for the baby!!!! I don't want to worry you but please don't rely on the pill for your answer. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. I have quiet a small bump and all the thing wekes they say should happen by the weeks have happen on time..

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Can dating scans be wrong by up to 4 weeks?

Duellingfanjo Wouldnt that scan result be about what you would expect? It's because it gives a definite date for health professionals to work with. This thread is napping. Take care Julie xxxxxxx. But then again with my first baby I was spot on with dates, he always measured big and he was a week overdue

Can scan dates be wrong ?.

can a dating scan be 4 weeks wrong
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What are the best products for you and your baby?.

  • My date by scans at 12 weeks and at 20 weeks is 21 January, my 6 week scan was more like 25 January , my date by lmp is 17 January, however, I charted my temperature and I knew exactly when my ovulation was so my edd is 25 January. LMP isn't a great way to calculate either though, as sometimes you can ovulate at strange times of the month..
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  • Can your pregnancy scan give the wrong due date? Pregnancy health week," adds AbnormalKitty. "Then at my 12 week scan, they put me forward by 4 days.".
  • Jan 4, - I had a dating scan today thinking I was almost 8 weeks. I read a similar thread last night about dates being inaccurate.. do not fear. Someone else on another thread said that scan measurements can be out as much as 15% . With DSs pregnancy my LMP was 26/4/09 but I only got a BFP on 11/6/Use LMP or 12 week scan date?
  • I would ask for a dating scan, I didn't have a heartbeat until after 6 weeks. Speak to your midwife, hopefully she will be more understanding than  Can dating scans be wrong???

A woman does tend to know her body best and although scans can be hugely beneficial in identifying many things I find it quite sad that we overrule a woman who knows when she fell pregnant with a piece of 'one size fits all' machinery. They can a dating scan be 4 weeks wrong born a few days after my estimated dates. I have a tendency to worry about things execessively! I have quiet a small bump and all the thing that they say should happen by the weeks have happen on adting. Your week scan will be far more accurate.

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