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#2 Imelkiy: I have such a hard time getting my face to look matte without looking dry it's so annoying

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#4 test18049215: I like how Liza handled that interview like he was rude but she was nice and professional. Thats what I like about Liza

#5 madkenni: Ver este documental completo y darse cuenta como oficialmente ocurrieron las cosas no lo que un pendejo sin puta idea sobre el tema opina como si fuese ingeniero cuntico de la NASA las consecuencias que esto trajo tanto a la NASA como a los encargados en su momento, las vidas que se perdieron, y que un grupito tericos armados con el arma mas peligrosa e irrefutable de tosas, La Ignorancia, Diga por sus wevos que todo es una farsa, porque no encaja con la pelcula que se montan en su cabeza, es para darnos cuenta que importante es que sigamos haciendo viajes al espacio para conocerlo mejor y quizs un da librarnos de tano dogma y creencias absurdas.

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#9 radamathyss: How come Europeans brought diseases only to the Indians. why didn't all the damn Europeans GET SICK from American germs. they SUBMERSED themselves in them! they must have had immunity somehow. somethings missing here.

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#17 m0d1k: aww happy birthday noah! lol to roman shakin it to baby got back! lol i loved this vlog so awesome!

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#21 darkknight4223: I love when the ESPN cinematic universe does crossovers.

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#25 rototronse: Yes! Sunsplash is so awesome Edit: The ride you were talking about was the double dare, James.

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I only watched 46 seconds but Im going to ask or say I know what he says or partially he either says believe what you want to or theres nothing its not black its not anything theres nothing and I dont doubt it but I dont think its fare to say it not just for people but you have no proof life would never just happen and even if it did why would there be nothing theres whole worlds out there so again its not fair to say theres nothing in the end because it cant be true nothing happens just to happen and this topic hurts people emotionally. All I can say is enjoy every second believe what you wish and love everyone you can because heaven hell or nothing you are something and always will be

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WHY WHOD THE GUY FROW THE POOR DOG IN THE WHATER : poor dog (sorry if bad English)

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Regardless if the owner shot the puma or the dog killed it, the moral of the story is that the dog saved the girls lives as he was a deterrent. Domestic animals aren't savages like wild animals so not as tough as them but wud give their life to protect the owners!

#6 15.05.2018 at 10:45 baferokkk:
these commentators are so boring. lol

#7 21.05.2018 at 13:52 filipp511:
Y cmo proceder con el cancer de cerebro?

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#9 01.06.2018 at 08:44 calymore:
muy bonito y facil lo are para mis mininos grasias

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I appreciate guys like Jonas V, Millsap, and Baynes cause yeah they get absolutely jammed on often, but at least they go hard for the blocks.

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She literally made Jake win

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It's just awesome. Heart touching. I feel so sad for the people jisko samjh hi ni aaya and they did thumbs down. Open ur heart and be alive. Like the real alive not just alive.

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jelek ya video nya

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rushing for ~sound bites before the state of the union~? was there a push for the space shuttle to lift off for the release of the state of the union? why did the nasa etc not listen to the engineers warnings ? sound bites ? cnn ? 30 years ago cnn 86 whitehouse pres. a tribute to the engineers and the astronauts would of been better , attached to this older posting.

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Its all nice and satisfying till you cut your finger off

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Well liza didn't post a dead person who committed suicide and exploit that mans pain and loneliness previous to tazering a dead rat just because.

#21 06.08.2018 at 03:33 ppppcc:
Excellent title!

#22 09.08.2018 at 07:42 nigers:
lovely recipe especially the gravy color. My vegetable turned out to be very good. Everyone at home liked it but it came out to be little khatta. can't u suggest why.

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i'll tell you what is offensive. These stupid computer generated voices

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I love slime

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I love listening to Shannon and how he sees it as former NFL player. He's been there in these situations and tells it as it is.

#29 27.09.2018 at 11:33 AngelokPAdshiy:
That dunk on Stoudemire was just nasty

#30 30.09.2018 at 10:13 Syprume:
Let me try this to my employer.