Match com customer service email address

match com customer service email address
My name is Evelyn, 26 years: Full-fledged family. Husband's wife and children..

Match Customer Service 1-888-278-0751 Technical Support

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DESCRIPTION: On August 25,Match. I am a man seeking a woman, not as my sheet says. I asked them to please investigate my email.

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Will spread the word. As well, many consumer complaints allege Match. Are you in need Match. But the good news is that we still have loads of information to help you resolve your Match. And each time we have had to disappoint them and say that customer service is not available by email for them. I called to cancel and request a refund as it was just charged today. Customer Service Contact Number.

match com customer service email address
My name is Anna, 26.: Every person is unique but I tried to find something special in me so to be special for you. I am easy-going and life loving woman. I'm an open and honest person and I have many friends. I am loving and affectionate with the one whom I love. I like to be romantic with someone I care for. I’m in search of my man with whom we will pass all our life together. My beloved man will never be bored together with me. I dream of a man who wants to love and be loved for marriage based on mutual understanding, trust and open communications. You can see I am an actress and dancer, i work in a theatre and have my own dancing school, If you like to dance you are welcome!!!! It will be perfect dance for you and me!!!

Its time and I would like to date again..

  • Absolutely disgusted cancels my subscription 3times since last September !!!.
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Well here you can get the contact details of match..

  • If you have a customer care issue, please contact Match Customer Care at MATCH () or visit the Customer EMAIL: [email protected]
  • If you'd like to contact the Match Customer Care team, we offer these contact options: Email: Submit your question via our Contact Us web form, and one of our Customer Care To expedite your call please have your member ID ready.
  • Contact the Customer Service department to get help or answer quesitons about your account. is a leading online dating site.

Was this page helpful? If so, please share! I admit that I am not the most savvy with technology today, however what happened to customer service and customer satisfaction? Sarah Nordblum, Vice President. I reported it to them and a few days later they terminated my account.

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