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#1 rebzik: como se llama el Tema?

#2 Fenix134: My mom used to live in Mexico and she told me that there was this desert (not sure if it's this exact one but there's a strong chance it it where she and her friends and sisters would go at night and go to and they would hide in bushes and sometimes see ufos it wasn't only them that went at night tho she said a lot of people from her town went and they all saw it, everyone in her town believed in aliens since they all had experiences with them

#3 msgybka: Some of these are not smart

#4 my_she: Yes thay need more fortnight dances like the electric Shuffle

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#6 HELLwp5: sees title I KNEW YOU WERE. Not gay.

#7 pstojanov: 5:09 I am death

#8 gero66: The Romans were brilliant in armer and weapons there tactics were brilliant they were very advanced in warfare even today the police use there tactics in riots they were great engineers as well we learned a lot from them they were in England about four hundred years before they went back home there was more law and order in there time than afterward when they left i am glad they came in a lot of ways the English language contains certain Latin words

#9 gorod21: Are you more of a Emily or Zooey fan?

#10 xcv0010: you go girl.thats ma best you so much


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#14 xxsteepxx: I reckon Paul Sr must have been on one of his drug and alcohol fuelled benders when he conceived Mikey.

#15 lolipope: ojala que gane yo el Iphone 6,saludos Futy TV desde Venezuela

#16 xixcxex: The mushrooms here are canned. instead of Chicken Broth,can I use the canned mushroom broth?

#17 Rearnal: It's to short wow I wanna know what happens. any1 know?

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#21 gala112: I love how the outros have just become the editors shenanigans

#22 NikolaS1610: rbitros de mierda , mejor era que pongan a unos jvenes de 15 aos de rbitros

#23 torg200398: Yeah Tom Holland! =D

#24 semolnine: Mission 3-1 Destory all 5 item boxes. Mission 3-2 Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order while in renverse. Mission 3-3 Collect all 15 coins. Mission 3-4 Finish before yoshi does. Mission 3-5 Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order. Mission 3-6 Defeat 5 monty moles. Mission 3-7 Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap. Mission 3-8 Collect all 20 coins. Mission 3-boss Defeat Goomboss.

#25 rhfpbkbot: This all sounds very pop science to me, and confusing too. Most of these behaviors can be pretty subtle and vague, it's not always such clear cut distinctions between what is and what isn't. So somebody might display some of these traits but do it for other reasons, for example asperger paired with personal history of abuse or neglect. Now is that person a sociopath or just awkward and different functioning when it comes to social cues and relationship to emotion? I think it's a big mistake to assume that it's us and them, like the distinctions are so easy to make. Like most human traits I'd guess that anti-social personality disorders come on a scale where who is and isn't anti-social is not always so easy to say. Someone might seem like it in certain context, or someone who is might seem to not be in other contexts. Lastly I'd like to say that the map is not the territory. This is the current western psychology map of the human psyche. In other cultures and other times, or 100 years ahead in the future we might see this very very differently. I tend to believe that we are born with different forces within us that can be harnessed for good if we learn to treat ourselves the right way. Even somebody who has a lot of aggression could learn to use that in a way that's wholesome and not hurting anyone. So maybe some anti-social traits can be shouldered in a positive and non-hurting way? Just my two cents, I'm quite new to the topic. All though I do suspect I've run into quite a few people displaying these tendencies, my mother and previous partners too to certain degrees. I also recognize myself in this because I am human.

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free softcore 3d tgp
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I know it likely won't but I hope against the odds that this movie brings justice to the creepypasta comic

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tip: don't drink water while watching Shane because you will spit on your screen. trust me

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Pleas have joe paronto on! Edit. I meant kris

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love helo kitty

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Very nice

#9 18.05.2018 at 16:18 lirika:
good advice. think you may need to put your package food into food grade buckets. I lost a great deal during a mouse plague in our town. learned my lesson

#10 24.05.2018 at 01:12 CTPEJIOK1989:
Cuentos y juguetes de Adri, a mi me gustaria que Marinett imitara a Maria Gabriela De Faria y que Adrien imitara a Luis Fonsi

#11 31.05.2018 at 02:00 Andrey_1989:
6:10 omg

#12 10.06.2018 at 05:33 alik1989:
Nice! But you said tortoro

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There should be a badge in 2k for this Quarter Back

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Sus videos son muy divertidos

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tails is the alpha female. duh.

#18 17.07.2018 at 00:38 washbraun3:
Where is this guy from? Didn't know he had an accent.

#19 23.07.2018 at 03:48 chih111:
This game, along with the 90's Spider-Man show are what made me love Venom.

#20 24.07.2018 at 22:36 KILLER13:
The water is being dumped on NY and other area's with heavy down pore. Just like when the hurricanes were about to strike . The water was sucked up from areas and dumped elsewhere. Sickos

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